Videos For and Shot At Your Conference

A conference or trade show is a great location to use and gather video. Perform interviews, gather testimonials, record a speaker, or present and demonstrate your product or service using video as a helpful tool. Lightsail Video provides video production services that will make the most of your conference experience.

Conference Kick Off

Wow professionals in your industry with a video that gets things going!

Anniversary Celebrations

Honor all the years of an organization with a celebratory video.

Conference Promo Video

Drive more attendees to your event by showing them what it's all about.

Repeat Presentations

Save you and the company time. Record your repeat messages.

Sales Piepline Promo

Sales in any market benefit from a compilation of testimonials.

Multi-Cam Production

Interview a guest in a very professional setting.

Fundraising Videos

Rally support and donations around your cause with a story told through video.

Industry Advice and Updates

Trade shows and conferences gather experts from large areas. Use these events to record great industry content.

Boost Your PowerPoint

Impress in a closed meeting.

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