Be there in 360 and VR Video

Immersive video use is on the rise and sometimes is exactly what a business needs to give a prospective client the feel needed to communicate their marketing messages.

Developing an Immersive Experience

Video production alone can be a tough process to wrap your head around, let alone a video that wraps around your head! (I'm proud of that line.) There are different considerations on how to produce or use 360 video content and Lightsail is here to help by walking you through the whole process.

360 Video Services Include:
  • Concept Development
  • Is 360 the best format?
  • Yes? Then a site visit and plan.
  • Direction during shoot for full utilization of the medium.
  • Editing, graphics, and interactive elements
  • Assistance in developing your distribution channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a 360 video instead of traditional video?
That's the real question! Sometimes ideas are best as traditional video, but there are experiences that really benefit from 360 productions. Consider whether your viewer benefits from the feeling of being there. If you're not sure if it helps, Lightsail can hep advise.

How do people watch my 360 video?
There are several ways; The best is with a VR headset, but not everyone has access to one. The next best option is to upload it to a platform like YouTube which works with a 360 format. A viewer can go full screen on an tablet or smartphone and they'll be able to move it orbitally to see all areas. The last way is the traditional way. A 360 video can experienced using the click-and-drag method on a viewing window.

Can I use photos and existing video content with 360?
Yes, 360 video recordings are just the foundation of the medium. We can layer on photos, video clips, text graphics, new graphics, and anything more.

Would I have to be near the camera for it to hear me?
Nope. The production process with Lightsail includes a separate audio recording set up for the best quality recording and allowing you to move throughout the recording space.

Can I use cheat sheets and outlines for my content?
Yes, and not only that, you can use a teleprompter to make it super easy! The teleprompter is then hidden from the viewer's site in post-production.

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