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Comprehensive Video Solutions

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Video Plan Development

Let us create a plan for using videos within your business by learning about your business and working with a budget.

Script Writing Services

We can edit a script you’ve written, write one from scratch, or come up with questions for interview style.

Video Audit

If you already have video content, we can analyze the performance of those videos to suggest how to improve.

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Full Video Production Capabilities

Professional equipment takes you so far, but experience takes it farther. We offer professional lighting, crisp sound in any environment, recording footage in HD or 4K (UHD) including drone footage captured by a licensed pilot. All this with a knowledgeable crew behind it.


Our biggest advantage is the ability to make people on screen comfortable, which allows them to appear more relaxed on camera. Our unique directing style has left many clients saying that we are easy to work with, and raving that the final video feels very natural and on message.

Location Scouting and Talent Acquisition

Let us find the right location for the shot. Also, let us tap our network and find the right on screen or voiceover talent. Have your business represented by the right person.

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Professional Editing

We can edit footage shot by anyone, but our own footage can be shot with an edit style in mind and allows for precise and beautiful cuts and transitions. We have also edited footage sent to us, and have the ability to clean up bad audio and camera work.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Let us create customized graphics for your video that you won’t see anywhere else, at a quality that will impress viewers. We are able to animate from scratch, or send us image files, like your business logo. We can also create entire videos in a 3D world with realistic lighting and camera movements. You can see our graphics in most of our videos and animation samples here.

Music Licensing

Music can be used as a simple fill, or as a focus of your marketing video. We will make sure your music is the best fit for the use, and will always secure the legal rights for use.

Delivery and Upload

Your final video will be made available in any format to work with various platforms, and we will always be available to re-encode for whatever use you have. We can also offer to upload the video file for you to make things easy.

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Live Streaming and Broadcast

All of our services can be used to create an excellent live broadcast that streams to many platforms including Facebook Live and YouTube.

Broadcasts can include multiple cameras and audio sources, cutaways to pre-recorded media, advertising abilities, live graphics, live feeds from social media channels, and all videos can be recorded for immediate file delivery to the client.

For advice on live video content. See our video here.

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Business Photography

As another branch of visual marketing, photography is great for creating shareable galleries of recent events, capture special moments like awards, and build your asset folder for website, marketing, and promotional material. Learn more about our photography services here.

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