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Featured: Pro Video in Viral Times

With so many of us isolating ourselves and working from home, it's helpful to utilize the power of video to keep in touch with others. Get a message out to your customers, teach a seminar, do a demo! You can do a lot on your own, but if you're ready for a pro to step in, here's what's possible.

Growing Your Business Using Video

Successful use of video involves a lot more than simply having a video made. Learn what it takes to use video effectively so that your business can grow.

How Videos Help Website SEO

Videos are a powerful tool and search engines love looking for pages with embedded video content. Here's why.

Essential Videos for a Website

These videos MUST be on your website for a great user experience.

4 Tips for Building a Video Plan

Video continues to be huge and growth is expected to just keep on going, so where does a business start if they want to begin or improve their video output? Well, watch this video to find out.

Why Hire a Video Marketing Company?

When you play "What's the Difference?", between a video marketing company, videographer, and editors. There's a reason why businesses are best to choose a video marketing company like Lightsail Video.

Let's Talk Stock Footage

If you're a business owner, stock footage videos may seem like a nice option, but they may not provide you the ROI you're looking for.

Your Role When We Produce Your Video

If you've never had a video professionally made, this question can worry you. Well here's the answer, and it's more simple than you think!

Rasberry Pi for Video Display

Maybe you've heard of it and maybe not, but a RPi computer is a great tool for looping video on displays.

Recipe for Success with Video

At Lightsail Video we focus on putting our clients' ROI at the forefront of our concerns. That makes all the difference when it comes to having a successful video and implementing it into a campaign.

Live Streaming Questions

Live streaming video content is extremely dynamic and interactive. It can used for many different types of content. Here are some suggestions on how to use it, and if you're interested in knowing what we can do visit our Live Streaming page.

Video is Great for Email Marketing

Perhaps you've heard this before, but video can do some amazing things for your email newsletter.

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